Satellite SAT-07

HealthLab Satellite SAT-07.40

The HealthLab Measuring Satellite SAT-07.40 is a measurement module of the psychophysiological monitoring system HealthLab. In the context of measurements with HealthLab the satellite SAT-07.40 acquires measuring data on the voice intensity and the vocal fundamentally frequency by means of a throat microphone. Using a step- / foot-sensor, the stepand tread-duration, as well as the 3-D acceleration of a proband is determined.

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Designation HealthLab Measuring Satellite SAT-07.40,
3D acceleration sensor,
voice and foot sensor
Voltage Supply
/ Current Consumption
3,3 V DC via Master / 35 mA
Data Capturing measuring range see Channel Index
Actogram ( internal sensor )
number of channels: 3
Vocal Fundamental Frequency F0 /
Voice Intensity
recorded via throat microphone
Step Measuring
determined with step- / foot-sensor,
meas.-principle: resistive sensor
maximum resilience: 100 kg
Climatic Conditions acc. to DIN EN 60204-1 ( 10-2014 )
Ambient Temperature operation: -20 … +55 °C
transport / storage: -25 … +60 °C
Humidity / Altitude 20 … 90 % RH ( without condensation )
up to 8.000 m
Dimensions W / H / D : 46 x 85 x16 mm
weight : 46 g
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Ordering Information

SAT-07.40 Voice-Satellite: E1531
(voice frequency /
acceleration / step)

Accessories MKF-02 Throat Microphone: E1385
Step- / Foot Sensor: AD0068
VSS-03 Candy-Cable: E1816
(SAT-SAT connection cable)
VSMS-10 Connection
Cable Master / Satellite: E1276