Satellite SAT-21.40

HealthLab Satellite SAT-21.40

The HealthLab Measuring Satellite SAT-21.40 is a measurement module of the psychophysiological monitoring system HealthLab In the context of measurements with HealthLab the satellite SAT-21.40 acquires up to four different temperature measuring data from NTC – temperature sensors. The temperature range is designed for measurements of skin temperature.

To measure the core body temperature by means of double-temperature sensor, two channels each are combined. The body core temperature ( TC_79 – left sensor connector ) is calculated from the detected individual values TI_63 and TO_64. Analogous to this, the temperature value TC_91 ( right sensor connector ) is determined by means of the channels T_65 und T_69. By default at T_65/T_69 a forehead sensor, at TI_63/TO_64 a chest sensor ( sternum sensor ) is operated. The pulmonary activity of a proband is recorded by the measuring satellite SAT-21.40 using an elastic chest strap ( AWS-01 – resistive sensor ).

Note: Double-temperature sensors are equipped with individual calibration data. These have
to be entered into the parameters of the measuring satellite in accordance with the used sensor!

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Designation SAT-21.40 HealthLab Measuring Satellite,
temperature NTC, heart rate, cardiac
cycle, breath duration
Voltage Supply
/ Current Consumption
3,3 V DC via Master / 18 mA
Digital Interfaces RS-485 from Master / Satellite
to Satellite using four core
shielded cable 460 kbps
Climatic Conditions acc. to DIN EN 60204-1 ( 05-2010 )
Ambient Temperature operation: -20 … +60 °C
transport / storage: -25 … +60 °C
Humidity / Altitude 20 … 90 % RH ( without condensation )
up to 8.000 m
Dimensions W / H / D : 46 x 85 x16 mm
weight : 48 g
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Ordering Information

Satellite: E1433

Accessories EKG-01 ECG Sensor Cable: E1164
AWS-01 Respiration Sensor: E1227
(respiration strap)
VSS-03 Candy Cable : E1816
(SAT-SAT connection cable)
VSMS-10 Connection
cable Master / Satellite: E 1276