HealthLab TcoreTM*
radio module TCFU-24 LE

In the context of measurements with the psycho physiological monitoring system HealthLab, the Tcore™* ANT+ radio module TCFU-24 is used to capture the data measured with a TcoreTM* temperature sensor, e.g. HealthLab TTC-05, and link them to a HealthLab master, e.g., a wireless LAN (Bluetooth LE / ANT+ protocol), e.g. HFM-04 ANT+. The TCFU-24 allows a significant increase in the mobility of the HealthLab monitoring system due to its small size and minimal power consumption.
The TCFU-24 ANT+ Tcore™ radio module is activated by plugging the sensor (e.g., TTC-05 Tcore™* temperature sensor).

Since sensor, interrogations are usually carried out once per minute, the first data transfer may have to be waited for up to one minute. The radio interfaces of the module are active with the sensor connected, but the Bluetooth interface can be switched off in the satellite configuration (for details, see software description Heally4). If the radio range is exceeded, the connection between the sensor module and the sensor remains active for a further 45 seconds. The module is switched off by staking out the temperature sensor (even with cable breakage) or at measured temperatures below -10 ° C.

* TcoreTM is a trademark of Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA

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Designation HealthLab ANT+ Radio Module TCFU-24 ( ANT+ / Bluetooth Radio Module )
Power supply 1 x 3V button cell CR2032 ( AA0045 )
Data Collection Data TcoreTM* Temperature Sensor: Measuring Range: -1 … +50 °C Measuring Accuracy: +/- 0,1 °C
Digital Interfaces Bluetooth 4.0 LE ( LE - Variant ) ANT+ Protocol ( ANT+ - Variant ) Radio Range: 3 m
Climatic Conditions according to DIN EN 60204-1 ( 10-2014 )
Ambient Temperature Operation: -20 … +55 °C Transport / Storage: -25 … +60 °C
Humidity / Altitude 20 … 90 % RH ( without condensation )
up to 8.000 m
Dimensions W / H / D: ca. 20 x 30 x 10 mm Weight: ca. 7,7 g ( without Battery ) ca. 10,5 g ( with Battery )
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Ordering Information

TCFU-24 TcoreTM* Radio Module ANT+: E1957


TTC-05 TcoreTM* Temperature Sensor: Disposal non-invasive core body temperature sensor: E1959

TTC-08 TcoreTM* Temperature Sensor: Multi times non-invasive body core temperature sensor: E1967

Battery 3 V 210 mAh (CR2032): AA0045