Wind-Driven Heat Pumps


Wind energy / heat pumps

Wind energy / heat pump drive system with innovative management system from KORA

PSW-Energiesysteme GmbH is introducing an - in its energy efficiency new - wind power using heat pump drive system.

The centerpiece of the system is a small wind energy unit that provides the mechanical drive for a heat pump. In addition to, or respectivly as an alternative to the heat pump, the wind energy unit can drive up to two generators for the producing of electricity.

Even the driving of other customer specific components, such as water pumps, compressors, or similar is conceivably. The well thought-out engineering with the controller know-how of KORA affords many advantages. Thus, the expected energy losses are significantly reduced in comparison to electrically driven heat pumps, water pumps, etc. This innovative system is designed for use in the private sector as well as in business enterprises.

A complex control system, developed and manufactured by KORA Industrie-Elektronik GmbH, optimally orients the rotor to the wind direction and switches over to those consumers which, based on the respective characteristic curve, offers the best energy usage.

Detailed information can be found at PSW Energiesysteme.
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